9 Benefits of Using Foam Roller for Tennis Player


Tennis Players can get highly benefited by using foam rollers

Foam rollers are massage and fitness devices. These are exercise devices, which is used for self-massaging thus helping to soothe sore areas, tight muscles and help in speedy muscle recovery. They are mainly used by athletes, and these days even by normal people too. . Below listed are few such benefits.

1. Helps in relaxing the muscles

image of Helps in relaxing the muscles Foam rollers are very helpful in loosing up the tight muscles. This helps in free movement of the body and thus reduces fatigue effectively. So, for tennis players, it’s a must do before starting a match.

2. Prevents injury and speeds up recovery

– Since it loosens up the muscles, it decreases the chances of getting injured. Also, while rolling over the foam roller, the full body is pressed on the points, and thus it acts as a deep tissue massage, which helps the muscles and tissues in recovering from prior damage.

3. Removes lactic acid from the body

– During a match or prolonged practice, the continuous movement produces lactic acid in the body. This lactic acid causes cramps or brings on fatigue. This lactic acid, though, is produced in medium amount, is still quite harmful if not removed. That’s why using a foam roller after a match is important, as it starts the breakdown of lactic acid, and helps in getting rid of it.

4. Increases flexibility

– Since the foam roller loosens the muscles up, it increases the elasticity of it. Foam rolling increases the stamina of the player, as it is a well-known theory that the more flexible the muscles are the more power it will produce.

5. Improves blood circulation

– For a tennis player, having a good blood circulation is very necessary and the foam rollers help in improving blood circulation to a large extent. Massages helps in good blood circulation to different parts of the body, and the rolling on a foam applies pressure and thus the blood is pushed into every part of the body. The flow of good blood, provides a high level of oxygen to the body and keeps the player healthy.

6. Reduces Soreness

– Foam rolling increases the flexibility of muscles as well as increases blood circulation in the body, thus prevents and reduces soreness of muscles.

7. Breaks up scar tissues

– In our body we have a band of connective tissues that connects the internal organs, these tissues are called fascia. Foam rolling helps in loosening up fascia. It is known that foam rolling loosens the muscles, it also digs deeper into the body and breaks the scar tissues, which helps in strengthening different muscles.

8. Decreases cellulite formation

– Cellulite though mostly found in a woman’s body, is at times found in tennis players as well. Foam rolling helps in stretching the connective tissues in the body and increases circulation, thus reduces cellulite formation in the body of the player.

9. Helps in nutrient exchange

– It helps in the movement of the nutrients and the waste materials in the body. Foam rolling makes the movement easier, thus maintaining the health of the player.

If used properly a foam roller can provide all the above mentioned benefits to a tennis player, as well as to any general person, and it effectively works if done right.

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