Hi there, this is Joshep V from bacrcelona and I’m the person running this blog.  Welcome you to my sweet house where I share my tips and advice on tennis, especially how you can keep your game last longer by simply using the foam roller before you get started! and what is its benefits generally and how you can use it to  improve your back pain from playing tennis and so much more…

Here is a little bit of my background:

I love tennis when I was a young at that day I used to play 4  to 5 times per day easily. My favorite tennis quote:

” When you do something best in life, you don’t really want to give that up – and for me it’s tennis.”

Roger Federer

But now It  seems like too hard for me, you know as old as you are getting as tired as it is going to be! 🙁 My knee and my back get hurt sometimes, it always annoying me…

Luckily, I found that foam roller benefits and how it could help you and your game… which is all the tips I will share with you here! Please read through every single post I have posted as it is all my experient and so on




Joshep V

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