Top 10 Tennis Quotes

 Championship, Victory, Passion And Preparation!

Here is my pick of the Top 10 Tennis Quotes, which show how champions prepare themselves for games and interpret their performance.

  1. Being champion is all well and good, but you can’t eat a crown. – Althea Gibson

12. Being number two sucks. – Andre Agassi


3. Dreams do come true if you keep believing in yourself. Anything is possible. – Jennifer Capriati

34. Everybody loves success, but they hate successful people. – John McEnroe


5. Experience is a great advantage. The problem is that when you get the experience, you’re too damned old to do anything about it. – Jimmy Connors

56. Freed from the thoughts of winning, I instantly play better. I stop thinking, start feeling. My shots become a half-second quicker, my decisions become the product of instinct rather than logic. – Andre Agassi

imgres7. From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life. – Arthur Ashe

imgres8. I hate to lose more than I love to win. – Jimmy Connors

imgres9. I just try to play tennis and don’t find excuses. You know, I just lost because I lost, not because my arm was sore. – Goran Ivanisevic

imgres10. I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all I love to play. – Boris Becker



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